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    5 Questions You Must Know When Buying Term Insurance Plans Online

    Last Updated On 21-12-2018

    Term insurance plans are one way to ensure financial security for the future. Since the plan has a limited horizon of providing life cover, it becomes an attractive proposition and reduces your costs considerably. Compared to traditional endowment plans, you could get an excellent life coverage term plan at a much lower cost.

    How can one purchase a term insurance plan?

    Once you decide to opt for a term plan, you could simply buy the plan online. Buying it online is far more convenient and even cost-effective. However, if you’re new to the concept, conducting financial transactions online could be a bit daunting. So, let’s look at some of the reasons why one should consider online transactions and check out the safety measures around them.

    What are the advantages of buying online plans?

    You can do your own research online to get a complete and thorough understanding of an insurance plan. Online forms require you to be completely accurate and this really helps in the long run. Sometimes, mistakes made while filling the forms offline could result in misleading or incorrect information being provided. This could lead to rejected claims and a great deal of inconvenience to you later. An online form however, allows you to correct any mistakes you may have made and keeps you in control of all your information.

    Does the insurance company assure data integrity?

    This is something that worries most new online customers. While it is a valid concern; the good news is that you can relax in this regard. Insurance companies assure complete safety of your data with encrypted data lines and secured servers that prevent any attempts at fraud or theft. These checks and measures are in operation from the moment you feed in information. The insurance company will provide you with login credentials to access your information online.

    Some insurance companies also offer the security of two-factor authentication. It needs you to enter a ‘One Time Password’, which you receive as an SMS, in addition to your account password. This makes sure that nobody can log in and misuse your information even if they manage to get a hold of your password. The system will also alert you of any unauthorised login attempts made on your account.

    What additional steps does the company take to ensure safety?

    Besides data integrity, insurance companies implement additional steps to ensure that they are selling policies and plans in a transparent manner. This helps them reduce their liabilities and ensures that the customer is fully informed. Medical tests are conducted for most applicants who opt for Term Insurance Plans. This works out to be an advantage for both parties. The insurance company gets a clear picture of the applicant’s health, and if the applicant has provided accurate information, paying out the claim becomes a smooth, uncomplicated process.

    Purchasing online – A convenient and secure option!

    Based on the above information, we can conclude that purchasing online term plans is convenient and extremely secure. Insurance companies are always looking at ways to make their online processes smooth and hassle-free. In this endeavour, they have made their websites clear and easy to navigate. These customer-friendly initiatives ensure that even new users find it easy to figure things out and buy an online term plan for themselves. People who buy online term plans can enjoy all the benefits and rest assured that their investment is secure.

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