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    What Are the Different Types of Health Insurance in India?

    Last Updated On 12-09-2022

    Health insurance is a crucial tool to protect your loved ones in medical emergencies. With increasing health risks and the rising cost of healthcare, it becomes essential to buy a health insurance plan.

    Health insurance provides you with many benefits. A health insurance plan ensures you do not lose out on quality healthcare due to financial constraints. Your mind is at peace in a health emergency as you do not have to worry about your medical bills. A health insurance plan gives you tax benefits under Section 80D of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961. Also, some of the health plans provide you with the facility of free annual health check-ups.

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    Categories of Health Insurance and Their Sub-types
    Categories of health insurance Their subtypes
    Indemnity health plans: The indemnity plans cover the hospitalisation costs of the insured person up to the chosen limit of the sum assured. • Individual health insurance
    • Family-floater health plan
    • Mediclaim health plan
    • Senior citizen health plan
    Defined benefit health plans: Under defined benefit plans, the insured person gets a lump sum benefit when diagnosed with an illness. • Critical health insurance
    • Personal accident cover
    • Hospitalisation cash benefit plan

    Different Types of Health Insurance in India

    Health insurance policies are designed to cover multiple needs. If you are planning for health insurance but are unsure of which one is suitable for you, here are the different types of health insurance plans available in India:

    • Individual health insurance

      This plan provides medical coverage to a single individual. The health plan covers the expenses of hospitalisation in the case of an injury, illness, surgery, room rent, surgery charges, accidents, day care procedures, etc. It also offers cover for pre-and-post-hospitalisation expenditures.
      Individuals between 18 and 65 years are eligible for this health plan. Each covered person will have an individual sum insured in their name. Thus, the premium amount for this kind of insurance goes a little on the higher side.

    • Family floater health plan

      The family floater health insurance policy will make things easy for you when looking for health insurance for your whole family. This affordable health insurance plan covers your entire family in a single policy. So, there is no need to buy individual health plans for every member. The sum assured floats for all the insured members and is shared equally by all insured members. In addition, the premium for this plan is lower than the individual plan.
      The reason for this is a general mix-balance of age groups in a family, which is a determining factor for health insurance.

    • Mediclaim health insurance

      A Mediclaim policy aims to cover the hospitalisation expenses in case of an accident or illness. Therefore, it is ideal if you wish to cover only in-patient costs. This plan provides coverage for expenses like doctor’s fees, nursing, surgery, anaesthesia, etc.

    • Senior citizen health plan

      As the name implies, the plan is tailored for people above the age of 65. A senior citizen health plan provides coverage for the expenses of medicines, pre and post-hospitalisation due to accident, illness, psychiatric issues, etc. The cost of the plan is relatively higher as senior citizens are more vulnerable to illnesses. The maximum age limit for this plan is 70 years with lifetime renewability.

    • Maternity health insurance

      These types of health insurance are generally availed as a rider with general health insurance policies. It includes medical treatment, infertility treatment, delivery, pre, and post-natal care, and a baby cover up to ninety days for a new-born.
      The plan provides coverage for pre-natal and post-natal costs along with covering delivery charges. You can buy maternity health insurance if you are planning a baby, as this health plan comes with a waiting period of 9 months to 4 years and can be a good idea to cover your expenses.

    • Personal accident health insurance

      The health insurance plan covers the expenses involved in the treatment of an accidental injury. In addition, it provides benefits against partial or total disability and death due to the accident.

    • Group health insurance

      A group health insurance provides coverage for a group of employees that work together. You can buy this health insurance plan to provide benefits to your employees if you own a company. It comes with a low-cost premium and provides cover for illnesses, hospitalisation in case of an accident, maternity, etc. Moreover, group health insurance helps you retain employees and improve the reputation of your company.

    • Critical illness health insurance

      The insurance plan aims to meet the medical expenses for the treatment of critical illnesses like cancer, stroke, multiple sclerosis, etc. This health plan ensures you get the right treatment for your illness without worrying about bills. You get a lump sum amount when diagnosed with a critical illness irrespective of hospitalisation. The health plan is terminated after the sum is paid but can be renewed for a lifetime.
      You get this coverage only after thirty days of being diagnosed with a critical health condition. This health insurance policy does not depend on your medical bills; you will get paid only a pre-fixed amount for your medical invoices. Expenses would also include hospital expenses and complementary health check-ups.

    • Unit-linked health insurance

      Unit-linked insurance plans are the ideal choice for those looking for health insurance along with an investment avenue. In this plan, a certain sum of the premium goes for your health cover, and the remaining portion is invested in market-linked funds like debt or equity. The health plan helps build wealth with no worry of expenses in case of illnesses.

    • Disease-specific coverage

      This type of plan provides coverage for a specific disease, such as COVID-19. It makes sure you don’t have to use your savings for the treatment. You can buy it as an individual plan or a family floater health plan. The benefits include a one-time premium, daily hospital cash, coverage for pre and post-hospitalisation expenses, etc.

    • Top-up health insurance

      Top-up health insurance is used as any additional expenditures over and above your initial health insurance policy. It is like an extended version of your existing medical insurance. There is a ‘Deductible Clause’ associated with such top-up health insurance. You must pay a certain amount before the insurance company starts paying for it. You can avail of this if you look forward to a higher coverage above your current insurance amount.

    Some Essential Things to Remember While You Buy a Health Plan

    • Ensure that you have chosen an adequate sum insured.
    • Consider buying a health plan with a minimum or zero waiting period.
    • Check the deductible amount before you buy a plan.
    • Look for the different age renewal options and choose wisely.
    • The age of the beneficiary is a crucial factor to consider as the premium, waiting period, and renewability largely depends on it.
    • Look at the list of exclusions under the plan and buy the one that best suits you.
    • It is better to buy health plans that provide facilities for annual health check-ups, online consultations, etc.
    • Ensure that you buy your health plan from a renowned insurer that has a wide network of hospitals.


    A medical emergency drains you emotionally, and a lack of adequate financial funds can give you additional stress. Therefore, a health plan is a crucial investment to ensure you face health challenges with no financial worries. While buying health insurance in India, make sure you know about the different types of plans, their premiums, and benefits. Also, choose a reputed insurer that provides an easy claim settlement process.

    You can go through the multiple options for health insurance and buy the best health insurance in India that works the best for you and your family. While you emotionally support your loved ones in times of a health emergency, a health plan takes care of your medical bills. So, buy a health insurance plan now! To know more about term plan, term insuranceulip plan, retirement planlife insurancelong term savings and more visit PNB MetLife website.


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